/ˈpe-lə-ˌtän/ n. A group of cyclists in a ride or race. 

In order to move as fast as possible, a peloton needs leadershiptrustcommunication, and teamworkSome of the same qualities that today's business leaders and teams need to drive better results tomorrow.

Peloton Coaching and Consulting creates better tomorrows at Work and in Life





My Last Bad Day - My Story

Michael O’Brien is the exception! I have seen the influence that his coaching and mentoring has had on our leaders, and I have listened to numerous testimonials of the lives he has changed for the better. Anyone who has the chance to work with Michael should seize the opportunity.
— Healthcare Executive Trainer

Hi, I'm Michael O'Brien (AKA OB)

I’m a business coach for leaders who are looking to deliver Exceptional Results!

I partner with today's business leaders who want to move from functional to optimal or good to great, and my aim is to change lives by enhancing leadership energy, engagement, and fulfillment and cascade it throughout organizations.  

For more than 22 years, I’ve worked in leadership positions as a manager, a director, and at a VP executive-level at some of the top global pharmaceutical companies.

During my corporate tenure, I sat at the helm during times of expansions, restructures, and other corporate change events. I understand the responsibilities that come from managing large P & Ls and teams.  

Business as Usual

Yet, in spite of my outward successes, like you, I struggled at times with the pressures and demands of the corporate world:

I experienced wavering levels of engagement due to toll of the crack of dawn & lights out email demands of a 70 hour week.

I had shaky confidence when I was moved into unfamiliar tasks or change initiatives, which caused me to question my abilities.

Dealt with the finger-pointing and difficulty of removing barriers to success as my team was confronted with aggressive goals and challenging P & L targets.

I felt the weight-of-the-world pressure that makes you believe you must control everything to ensure success.

And yes, I’ve been afraid to be bold and courageous, fearing it could lead to failure or change my employment status.

I once believed that these fears and feelings were the norm. I was convinced that living under an umbrella of stress was “business as usual in the corporate world.” I never looked past my own assumptions because I was too busy establishing my career, providing for my family, and driving for results.

July 11th, 2001

Then, in an instant, my life changed.

On the morning of July 11, 2001, I was out on a cycling training ride before a corporate meeting. I was hit head-on by a SUV that crossed into my lane traveling 40 mph.

I've been an active cyclist since high school when I was first drawn to the sports' blue-collar nature, and the romance of riders suffering through cobbled streets, steep Alps, and sunflower-lined roads of Europe.

On that fateful New Mexico morning, the impact fractured my right shoulder, right femur, right tibia, and shattered my left femur. The shattering of my left femur lacerated my femoral artery.  

My doctors told me if I had been unhealthy or 10 years older, I probably would have died that day.

My first surgery lasted 12 hours and I needed 39 units of blood; my doctors could only fix my left leg that day, but they saved my life.  

That would be the first of more than 10 surgeries, three months in the hospital, and countless hours of rehabilitation, pain, anger, frustration, tears, and joy. 

The accident and healing that followed tested my beliefs, energy, and emotions. At times, I seemed to have more setbacks than successes, and there were many bleak days when I doubted the possibility of my recovery.  

But somewhere along that journey, I decided I would not be defined by my accident. Rather, I would be defined by how I responded to my accident. I made the choice to recalibrate my approach to the rest of my life.  

Eventually, I healed enough to be reunited with the joys of cycling, the fulfillment of living, and the power of a positive attitude.

The Genesis of B.E.S.T.

My accident provided the genesis of B.E.S.T., principles I developed and used that helped me refocus my life, go above and beyond my career aspirations, and take action to maximize my potential.   

It taught me that what you believe makes you who you are.

Now, as a business coach, I help leaders overcome their career obstacles and move from good to great or functional to optimal using my B.E.S.T. principles.

I truly believe coaching can transform your energy and confidence, ease the baggage you schlep around, and enable you to deliver above and beyond results.  

To learn more about B.E.S.T. 

Are you ready to create a better tomorrow?  

  Let's GO!

Coaching and Consulting Services

Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy, and then help orchestrate the energy of those around you
— Peter Drucker

Peloton Coaching and Consulting is for leaders who are looking to drive results and stay ahead of the competition. 

And simply put, MY FOCUS is YOUR SUCCESS! I'm your ALL IN Partner to help you: 

  • Enhance engagement, effort, and positive emotion

  • Maximize trust and collaboration

  • Become more responsive and accountable to change

  • Strengthen culture and deliver better results 

  • Determine and honor your values 

Executive Leadership Coaching

Are you a C-Level, Vice President, or Director looking for a trusted coach and advisor?  Someone that knows your world and speaks your language?  Then Peloton Coaching and Consulting can be your trusted partner. We share similar experiences, and my focus is your success. 

I had the absolute good fortune of selecting Michael as my Coach when I suddenly found my career in transition.

Michael was able to help me quickly figure out what I wanted to do with my career as I move to the next chapter in my story. He helped me clarify my values and goals, and align these with my skills and experience to help create a very compelling value proposition of what I had to offer to my next employer. He also helped me continue to move my skills forward as we worked together on assignments in preparation for my next role.

This resulted in me getting the perfect role for me and believing that I am set up to have not only success but significance as I live my values with an organization that I believe I can really make a difference with.

I am so grateful for all Michael has done for me and give him the highest recommendation as an Executive Coach
— Pharmaceutical Sales Vice President

When you work with Peloton Coaching and Consulting you get (and much more):

  •  ALL-IN Business Partner
  • 3, 60 minute 1:1 sessions per month via phone or video - 
  • Energy Leadership or Hogan Assessment and debrief
  • Stakeholder interviews if appropriate
  • Communication Strategy and Planning
  • Tools to help you gain clarity, action plan, and achieve results
  • Free access to any Peloton Webinar Training series
  • On-Demand coaching sessions before big events and/or meetings
  •  Reading and other resources to support your growth and development
  • Unlimited access via email/text during engagement with at least 6-hour turnaround
  • Open invitation to connect via LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Access to a business-executive advisor who serves as a sounding board, straight shooter, strategy, and action plan advisor, as well as an accountability partner.
I worked with Michael O’Brien for about six months during a time when the organization for which I work was undergoing a lot of turmoil. Talking with Michael was a great way for me to stay accountable to myself and to see my environment from a different perspective. I looked forward to my discussions with Michael because I always learned something new about myself and often about those surrounding me. He took the time to understand my priorities, my needs, and my goals. I recommend Michael O’Brien. One can learn a lot within a few months with him.
— Non-Profit Executive

Are you ready to invest in your future?

The good news is that you don’t have to forge ahead alone. I can help you maneuver through the challenges so that your career progression and leadership development are easier, and—dare I say—fun?

If you are ready to take the helm of your life and career, contact me by clicking Join The Peloton.  

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